Radio Silence


Mountains, Cliffs, Lakes, The Sea…Donegal showing off

We had one week, our chance to escape and claim our summer holidays. Funny how it doesn’t feel like a summer unless you’ve hauled countless pocketfuls of sand back home from some far away beach. I waited rather impatiently for himself to return from foreign shores for our sojourn to well, anywhere, really. He had barely dropped the suitcase and I had him scouring through the internets in search of something, anything. A change of scene, I said.

Of course there are the old reliables, Kerry, Connemara, Clare but they weren’t doing it for me. We almost had Sligo but then Donegal sneaked itself into our searches and low and behold the most dreamy house on air bnb. A retreat from everything. No internet or phone signal it promised.  We were sold.

Dream House

Dream House

Maybe most of you were already in the know but Donegal is a delightful mixture of Kerry and Connemara but on drugs. They have it all folks, stunning beaches around every corner, staggeringly high sea cliffs, mountains for miles, too many lakes to count and seafood practically jumping out of the sea onto your plate. We gorged on it all and thought of how many times we made do with Galway or Kenmare when all along a mere 4.something hours away was this idyll.  Granted it’s a fair hop from Cork to Donegal but oh so worth it.





Cows on a beach, as you do.

A couple of food highlights were the best fish and chips and the cheapest scallops I ever did see at the Village Tavern, Mountcharles. Come to think of it the mussels here were to die for too.

Afternoon tea at Lough Eske Castle 

Nancy’s in Ardara

So forget Kerry, bypass Connemara and keep going north to the little corner of Ireland that I almost forgot about. See you next summer Donegal.


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