I’ve been procrastinating like a pro lately. Blame it on the weather, it slows me down this cold front. Also, blame it on the new puppy. Trying to get anything done with a wiggly waggly dot under your feet is well, it’s pointless. So instead we have been enjoying endless games of tug, torment the labrador, eat anything that passes by your mouth and you get the point. Currently puppy is howling, the ducks are also howling and all of this has just set off the parrot’s piercing shrieks.

I’m outnumbered…send help!

I have been managing to feed myself despite the lack of evidence. I have also been busy feeding other people, sister in law’s baby shower and a bit of baking for my moma. None of these were documented so you will have to take my word for it. Blame it on the puppy. Any humane ways to silence a puppy? Answers on a postcard please.

Yesterday I managed to scrape together a spiced squash soup. Evidenced below.

Spiced Squash Soup

Spiced Squash Soup

Today is also for squash. Oh those baby squashes(?). Nevermind eating them, I want to fill my house with them, tables heaving under the weight of a million baby squash in a variety of autumnal hues. Not sure I could justify the expense so I better add value to my home decor and eat a few while I am at it.

So here you go, roast squash, cashel blue & toasted hazelnuts….era throw in a bit of chilli for good measure.

Roast Squash, Cashel Blue, Toasted Hazeluts & Chilli

Roast Squash, Cashel Blue, Toasted Hazeluts & Chilli



Now to tackle the ducks/puppy/parrot ……..


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