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So that was that. 2014 check.

A strange year of stops and starts. Not bad strange just a bit jumpy, all over the place, unsettled but enjoyable nonetheless.

The last few weeks were a blur of tinsel and family and indulgence. All the good things. Exactly what the doctor ordered. A husband home from work for 6 whole weeks. A birthday or 2. A present or 3.

We’re not doing too bad.

I had intended the first post of 2015 to be a veggie delight but that will have to wait for now. A simple supper instead, to use up the contents of the fridge. I am growing weary (already) of the detox, diet, vegan, paleo nonsense being bandied around almost everywhere. Maybe I am missing something. Shouldn’t we just be eating properly?

I do however share the feeling of reset that January brings with her. A chance to start anew. To right some wrongs, undo some doings. It’s not a bad thing at all.  January offers new beginnings.

So instead of crash dieting, limiting yourself to seeds & kale or matching your diet to that of our paleolithic ancestors do yourself a favour and try to eat a balanced diet, throw in some moderate exercise and go easy on the booze. There, solved. I will forward my bill asap.

The pressures of life can be intense enough without having to count the calories of every morsel of food you consume. Less of the bad stuff more of the good stuff and balance is restored to the world.

With that in mind and with the food ghosts of Christmas past still lurking in the ether it’s time to give the goose fat, butter, cream, pastry, enriched doughs etc. a rest. That indulgence has to feel special and for that to happen we must try to be more virtuous in our choices for the next short while. Spring and Summer make this task infinitely more achievable with the bounties of greens and veg and fruit on offer so for now we will have to channel their energy and recreate those colours to drag us through the tail end of this winter.

Chargrilled Sambal Chicken in Flatbread with Slaw



1/2 cup brown sugar (muscavado)

1/2 cup rice vinegar

1/3 cup sambal oelek

1/4 cup fish sauce

1/4 cup sriracha

2 tsp grated ginger

juice 1 lime

4 chicken breasts

Mix all of the above. Save half of the marinade and reduce it over a medium heat to make a sauce.

Bash chicken breasts between a layer of cling film to a 1/4 inch thickness. Place chicken into reserved marinade and leave for 2 hours minimum or overnight.


Garlic Sauce 

2 cloves of garlic ground into a paste with a little sea salt or grated finely

1/3 cup olive oil

handful of basil

4 tbsp greek yoghurt

Mix garlic and yoghurt. Slowly whisk in olive oil as you would with mayonnaise. Stir in shredded basil.





The term slaw here is used very loosely. Grated veg of any description would do nicely.

I used 4 small carrots & 2 small beetroot. Grated and mixed. I dressed this with Olives Et Al Spicy Chilli & Ginger Dressing.


To serve: Flatbreads, salad, some chopped nuts, pickled red onion or fresh thinly sliced red onion, spring onions, lettuce, salad leaves, herbs (coriander, basil, mint).

Any or all of the above.

Remove chicken from the fridge 15 mins before cooking. Heat grill pan until smoking. Remove chicken from marinade and grill each side for 3 mins or until completely cooked.   You can baste each side of the chicken with a little more marinade while cooking. The chicken will be cooked on each side when you can lift it without it sticking, if it’s sticking leave it.

Pile chicken, slaw, garlic sauce, sambal sauce and any other toppings you like onto flatbread and serve.


11 thoughts on “Back to it

  1. Pam Acton says:

    OMG how have I not seen this before???? Well done you hunny what an achievement!!! Am WEAK!!! Maybe I might learn to cook after all xxxxxx


  2. Patsy Costello says:

    Now I know what to do with that jar of sambal oelek that’s been hanging around the back of the fridge for months! Thanks Dee- looking forward to more inspiration and musings from you!


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