In absentia

M.I.A, A.W.O.L either would have been a succinct title for this post. I have been both lately. Thing is, we bought a house. I have also been otherwise engaged with some paid work which combined have left me wondering exactly what my kitchen looks like. Well, slight exaggeration, but things have been a tad frantic.

I have however, been endeavouring to keep pace with my monthly recipes in the West Cork People

Small consolation for those of you who have been checking in here to find well, tumbleweed. Sincerest apologies. You have temporarily lost me to the land of floor sanding and wallpaper scraping and the most unfun job in the world, painting!

The bad news is we are not entirely there yet. Right now I sit surrounded by boxes, hands slightly stained with last week’s Sunday Times but extensive collection of chinaware securely boxed away.

Don’t feel too bad for me though, I am a pro at this moving malarky. This will in fact be our 7th house in 9 years. Clearly we thrive on this life altering, stress inducing activity. Nothing like a room full of black bags containing god only knows what seeing as you never bothered to label them.

Along with all this house buying/moving stress, life is throwing up the usual obstacles but we are resolute in grinning and bearing it.

So on we go.

Fear not, I will return just as soon as I can borrow 10 minutes from all these distractions to post something food related.


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