Eating lately (according to my phone)

So according to the gallery on my camera I have been stuffing my face with a surprising amount of veggie food. Not entirely by design, although, I have been trying to limit meat to once or twice a week.



Pickles…all the pickles. These beauties are rainbow beets. The gift that keeps on giving.


6 minute eggs, hummus and those beets, pickled onion & flatbread of course.


Cauliflower tacos, fingerlicking, spicy, so good. Thug Kitchen: Eat like you give a F**k  – highly recommended


More eggs. Scrambled with chorizo, smoked cheese, herbs, chilli and garlic.


Cardamom falafel & the trimmings. Honey & Co. Food from the Middle East again highly recommended.


An assault of tomato salads. Nothing says summer quite like a tomato salad. Unless it also has pomegranate seeds like this Ottolenghi one. Ottolenghi: Plenty More 


These sweet potato & quinoa fritters. You will want to eat vegetarian food all day everyday after one of these. One of my most favourite dinners.

Also dabbling in the art of fermentation with water kefir and ginger beer which is bubbling away nicely. The water kefir was outrageously good. White peach for the win.


Now I am starving.

Currently making 5 hour slow cooked chickpeas which on starvation reflection was a seriously bad idea.




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